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550-0018 restored and on display

The Porsche Museum is hosting an exhibition until March 2014 celebrating ’60 years of super sportscars’. One of the classic Porsche race cars showcased is 550-0018. Although the third chassis number produced in January 1955 along with 0016 and 0017, 550-0018 is recorded as the first built 550 Spyder on the 15th January. As the… Continue Reading»

550 cast in resin

Besides the 1:1 Porsche 550 spyders that originally rolled out of the factory doors of Stuttgart, the diecast models of 1:18, 1:43 and 1:86 scales have always been a joy to collect over time. A year ago while searching for new ones to collect, I came across an artist who has taken car modelling to… Continue Reading»

Spyder girls of the fifties

Motor racing in the ‘50s was very much a male dominated sport. At most weekend events in the US, the program usually included a ladies race to encourage some competition amongst the women, but throughout Europe, it was rare to find a ladies event and they had to compete in the same races as their… Continue Reading»

SportErfolge Porsche racing book

One of my favourite Porsche researchers and author, Tony Adriaensens has just sent his latest book to the printers, which is a magical window focusing on early Porsche competition history. Titled ‘SportErfolge’, this magnificent 640 page photo-essay covers a part of the rich racing and rallying history of the Porsches from as early as 1951… Continue Reading»

Rally 550s

Porsche 550 Spyders are well known for their successes on the track, usually on European endurance circuits like LeMans or the airfield tracks of the US. Once the 550As and the RSKs were competing in these races, the nimble RS550 weren’t as fast against them and many were sold off for the latest offerings from… Continue Reading»

Rare photos of 550-0040

Ernst Vogel had a very successful motor racing career between 1954 and 1959 piloting Porsche 550s, 356s and 718 RSKs. He originally started motorcycle racing in the late 1940s, but due to an accident, he was forced to switch over to car racing. His skills developed on two wheels were a strong asset when he… Continue Reading»