When it comes to high end original Porsche restorations, many owners have learned the hard way by commissioning a panel shop who really has no experience in the restoration of Porsche 550s. To find someone with the honed skills of an english wheel or power hammer is not enough. Porsche did the majority of work by hand, with hammers, dollies and shot bags and these marks are still visible on the original panels. There are intricate details found on 550 spyders that only specialised craftsman both know about and can replicate. It is important to seek skilled artisans who are both sympathetic to the model and also have knowledge of every nut, bolt and rivet that makes up this giant killer. From hand beaten panel repairs to complete bare body restorations and mechanical rebuilds, these are some of the qualified restoration workshops who have had extensive experience in working on original spyders and other classic cars.


Rainer Cooney
The Spyder Factory

New Hampshire
+603 509 2225

Tim Herman
Herman & Walker LLC

58 14th Ave SE
Hickory NC 28602
+828 325 0356

Warren Eads
Spyder Sports


United Kingdom

Andy Prill
Prill Porsche Classics

00 44 (0)1787 476338


Torsten Walsdorff
Restoration and Panelwork

Werkstrasse 2
91077 Neunkirchen am Brand
+49 9134 708889

Harald Hackenberg Restorations

Maybachstrasse 10
51381 Leverkusen
+49 2171 768511