Racing today

Many of the original races that took place in the 1950s have been reborn as modern day events. The criteria of original cars that entered and raced in the original events like the Mille Miglia, Le Mans and Goodwood, have been the drawcard to these events. As most of the races ceased in the late 1950s due to serious accidents, spectator deaths and the lack of safety measures, the new races demand the highest safety standards as the growing number of spectators along the course embrace the classic car culture at every stage.

Other events like the Zoute Rally and Enstall Classic have been born out of the need to drive these cars and enjoy the company of like minded enthusiasts, plus the opportunity to share their collections with everyone who follow these makes and models.

Classic cars have never been as popular as they are today and the race itself is only part of the whole event, which usually includes a full weekend of activities such as motor auctions and concourses.