Vintage race posters

In the 50s around the world, every available weekend was dedicated to the passion of motor racing either on abandoned airfields such as Sebring, purpose built tracks like Avus or road races like the Mille Miglia. Today, the history and excitement of these races is captured only in the memories of those old enough to have experienced it trackside with their box brownies.

Porsche was just starting out in the racing arena and Richard von Frankenberg became the head of the Porsche marketing department. On a chance meet at an event, von Frankenberg and upcoming illustrator and car enthusiast, Erich Strenger, discussed the new car Porsche was building – the 550 spyder. He asked Strenger to capture their latest victory as a poster so they could display them in their dealer showrooms. On every continent, Porsche was successful with their 550 Werks Teams and Strenger was commissioned to design a new poster to mark the win of each race. Today Strenger’s original posters are highly collectable works of art and demand serious prices at auction.

To reignite the passion of these victories, we have decided to design four vintage race posters downloads, that encapsulate the essence of 1950s racing and the winning teams of the Porsche 550s. The posters mark the famous races of:

– 1954 Le Mans
– 1954/1955 Mille Miglia
– 1955 Sebring 12 hours
– 1953/1954 Carrera Panamericana

With the use of 50’s typography, vintage colour palettes and period era designs capturing accurate 550 renders, the series is perfect for any garage, workshop, office or home.

Using today’s technology, the posters are offered as a download at an affordable price of US$10.00 each which allows you to get a massive 24” x 36” quality poster. The beauty of the download is that you can choose where to get it printed – locally or online. Once they are printed, they can be framed, mounted or hung.

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