Vintage decals

When I was restoring my spyder, I was disappointed with what was available as far as reproduction period decals. The main ones that I was after were the Castrol Oil and also the Mobil Pegasus at the correct size for my car. In the end I had some produced and as everything is cheaper in bulk, decided to get 100 sets of each done so I can sell them off to pay for the actual production of them. They have been very popular and have had great responses by everyone who has purchased them. As a graphic designer, I ensured they are correct in both colour and quality and are screenprinted on quality vinyl and cut to the exact formecut shape.

Available is a pair of left and right vintage style Castrol decals (both are the same!) which are 120mm in diameter for US$15.00 plus delivery.

I also have a pair of left and right vintage style Pegasus decal in correct Mobil red with a white edge – these aren’t the new stylised designs, but the original illustration ones. The size is 120mm from nose to lower wing tip or 140mm from front to back hoof – very standard size! They are US$15.00 a pair plus delivery.

For most locations worldwide, delivery would be US$4.50 as they easily fit in a C5 envelope. Choose what you need and the shop will calculate a price before you have to commit.

If you are after prices or bulk quantities, please contact me and I can work something out for you – you can easily pay me via PayPal.