As a condition of racing in the 50s, all cars needed to carry a full tool kit, spare wheel and a car jack, which was inspected before each race. To ensure tyres were changed in minimal time, Porsche designed a simple lever jack that could be stored beside the passenger seat. Circular holes were cut through the sub frame of the chassis for it to fit through and secure using a rubber sleeve on the handle and a leather strap with buckle mounted to the floor. The jack was made of tubular steel in two pieces where the handle piece fitted into the jack. On the end of the jack was a cup shaped piece welded on which fitted the jack points under spyder into.

The sypder had two jack points at the front of the body and two additional points welded to the chassis at the back. The simple process of aligning the cup with the jack point and levering the jack handle down lifted the lightweight car at that point enabling a mechanic to quickly change one of the wheels.