Today, more than ever, the passion for 550 spyders lives on through both originals and replicas. We are privileged to see originals participating in classic car events or part of automotive exhibitions featured around the world and with the convenience of smart phones we can capture the beauty of design in photographs and video to share on social medias and through websites.

Porsche Race Car Classic 2011

It is rare to see an original 550 driven on local streets and highways, but due to the fascination of this significant and classic Porsche design, many owners attend gatherings like cars and coffee or luftgekühlt plus the Rennsport Reunions every four years, so that Porsche enthusiasts can see one in the flesh and talk to the owners.

I have found that talking cars is a universal language and everyone from different backgrounds can share the passion and car stories when you have one standing in front of you – there is nothing like it.