Type 550

Live Fast, Die Young!

The infamous words of James Dean describes the legendary life of the Porsche 550 Spyder – the ‘giant killer’.


This site is dedicated to the history of the Porsche 550 Spyder – from paddock to passion…

With only 90 documented Porsche Type 550s built between 27 October 1952 – build No 550-01 and 29 June 1956 – build No 550-0090, this site is created to research the history and production of each individual build. This model became the cornerstone in Porsche’s racing success, continuing with the production of the purpose built track car, the 550A which was an evolution of the RS with a birdcage like space frame chassis and modified lighter body shape. By the time the 550A ceased championship racing after the 1958 season, it had not just established the 550 as a legend, but it had also begun to mould the future of the Porsche marque.

With years of research and the acquisition of my own replica RS550, which is a McRae built Spyder imported from New Zealand to Australia and fully restored to original period detail, I thought it would be a great idea to share my knowledge and experiences with other Porsche 550 followers. I see this site as a portal to collect both current and historical information about 550s.

Every day I find something new about 550s through a network of knowledgeable  individuals. There is still an untapped source out there like yourself who might be able to help me add another piece to this complex puzzle such as identifying all 90 original 550s or expanding on each one’s racing accolades and provenance.

In addition, you can find us on Facebook showcasing vintage racing photos along with the latest auctions, exhibitions and rallies updated daily. You can also follow my photo diary project of 550 images of Type 550 spyders over 550 days  – ’550 cubed’, where you can subscribe through Tumblr. Subscribe to the monthly email blog on this home page as the site will be continuously updated with the latest news and finds, so please come back to discover something new about the ‘Riesentoter’.

Andrew Hosking

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