Most of my research and photos are sourced from the internet, reference books and personal experiences. There is also a lot of individual Spyder history which has been supplied by owners, restorers and Porsche historians. I respect the copyright and intellectual property of all photography reference and information used to create this unique Spyder dedicated site. Historic images obtained and used in this website are owned by the respective parties.

I do not lay claim to being the original owner of these images and are using them for historic relevance only and not for sale or profit. Over a number of years I have sourced these images and the majority are from various websites who do not credit their source. Where possible, I have tried to obtain permission to use these images and credit the rightful owners to retain the comprehensive site I have created.

All detail images of the 550-0056 Spyder and my personal Spyder are copyright to myself. The information found on this site is based on extensive cross-referencing and believed to be fact unless proven otherwise. If you would like a written credit for the images used or would like the images removed from this website, where you can prove ownership, I am obliged to do so.

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