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Historic racing is more popular than ever and has a similar following to today’s Formula One including serious sponsorships. The Mille Miglia, Le Mans and Goodwood, just to name a few, have grown to be international events which are attended by thousands of enthusiasts and participants from around the world. There are now close to a dozen spyders who actively attend and race at these events. The spyder is more suited to endurance races with its small quad-cam engine and lightweight design, but these races are entered today more for the enjoyment of being part of motoring history than the desire to win. Many thanks to the talented photographers who send me and let me use their images after they have the amazing experience of attending these events, especially Peter Singhof, Corrado, Roland, John, Ralf and Renaud!

You can view some of the videos of originals here: [ytplaylist, id=”74FFDDA74B91FD3D” title=”videos of 550s today “]

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