Many thanks has to go to the talented individuals who have let me use some of their creative images of spyders, and I would like to give them credit where due. If you see an image on this site that you believe you took or own, I am happy to put a watermark on it and have you listed here. I have thousands of images of spyders on file, many from the web or other reference points that have been collected over the years, but most don’t credit the owners or gives contact details for me to seek permission to use them. I have only chosen selected images on this site that helps put the full spyder story together. Please refer to my disclaimer for more details.



Dirk de Jager

Peter Singhof

Sébastien Morliere

Hal Thoms


Porsche Spyders: Type 550 1953-1956
by Karl Ludvigsen

liebe zu ihm – an amazing collection of Porsche literature
Site and blog developed by Tim

Porsche 356sl – covers the early Porsches including info of some drivers and spyders

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