The second last of the 550 production series, 550-0089 was specially built for John von Neumann with a number of factory modifications including a large oval chrome grill positioned at the rear plus two scoop vents on the top of the engine bay and louvered vents along the rear fenders to help cool the engine. The spyder had the reinforced ‘high frame’ designed chassis and was completed on the 28th June 1956 with engine # 90094. The car was painted silver with red darts.

The spyder was exported to the west coast of the US and from October 1956 experienced team driver Richie Ginther raced 550-0089 with race number 211 at tracks including his first race at Pomona where he was involved in an accident and did not finish. The car was repaired and back on the track at Palm Springs. By mid 1957 the car was sold to Jack West who used race number 141 (as a silver spyder, but still with the scoops on the rear engine bay clam), where he also raced it successfully until October 1958.