There are many historical racing facts about the Porsche 550 Spyder with a track history spanning from 1953 to 1965. In those years they were entered into more than 750 races, many with multiple Spyders – a pretty impressive effort. Amongst all these races was a diverse range of drivers, some seasoned professionals and many weekend warriors filling their racing dreams on the tracks of Europe and the USA. Some drivers stood out to be consistent track entrants and winners, such as Jack McAfee (76), Ken Miles (67), John Porter (48), Eldon Beagle (45), Ed Crawford (36), Betty Shutes (36), Jean Pierre Kunstle (34), Sam Weiss (31), Bob Holbert (30), Joe Playan (27) and Don Sesslar (25) to name a few. Some raced for the Porsche Werks team, but the majority, especially in the US were privateers funding their own racing passions. Besides the well documented historical accounts of James Dean and his ‘little bastard’ 550-0055, there are many drivers who shaped the future of motor racing resulting from their successes and misfortunes on the track.

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