In the late 1970s molds were taken from an original 550 Spyder to start building a very special and accurate replica. Originally starting out as Legend Classics, the addition of another business partner created what was to be known as CMI. As the Spyder had a race history, there were a few flaws in the bodywork, such as the damage to the right fender and also the rear deck lid. Approximately a dozen Spyders were produced (all with the design flaws) and as original spyder parts were in abundance in the early 80s, they were used extensively in the builds from steering wheels and gauges to bonnet straps. With a falling out between the partners, the company dissolved and the molds were sold off to a third party. In the late 90s, from a small 356 restoration shop in Dayton OH, two partners Marvin Simes and Chuck Eiler set the task to reproduce this true reproduction Porsche 550 Spyder after purchasing the molds and created Prestige Classics. They fixed the molds to be a perfect clone of an original. Unfortunately in 2007, Marvin passed away and Chuck was forced to shelve his dream due to the lack of capital. Only a couple were produced in hand laid fiberglass and one was half completed in aluminium, but they showed the skill in design and accuracy of an original Spyder. Russ at Fibersteel has purchased the design, parts and jigs plus one of the complete Spyders to finesse his current builds.

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