Porsche Race Car Classic 2011

The Porsche Race Car Classic was a charity event held at Quail Lodge in California on 16th October 2011. It was a collection of some of the finest builds to roll out of the German workshops of the day. The line up was breathtaking with an invitation-only collection of approximately 150 Porsches dated between 1950 and 1965. It rivaled a Pebble Beach Concourse and although there were cars of similar concourse finish, many are still raced historically or in original condition which reflects the difference between Porsche and other marques.

They came from museums and private collections sourced all over the world gathered for this one off event. Amongst the group of thirteen 550 Spyders, formerly piloted by the likes of Herrman, von Frankenberg, von Neumann, de Beaufort, Ginther and McCluggage, there was an amazing five of the original 15 prototypes: 550-01, 550-03, 550-04, 550-06, and 550-09. 550-03 which has just been fully restored by the talented craftsman Joe Cavaglieri who also restored 550-01 and 550-04 was seen for the first time complete.

The event will never be repeated again, but never forgotten.

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