550 Pottery

Ulmer Keramik was one of the biggest producers of ceramics in West Germany, having grown very fast after Heinz Saur started the business in 1946. In the early days, Porsche commissioned the company to produce a number of commemorative pieces to celebrate their design milestones and racing victories.

Two of these pieces were commissioned to mark the success of the Porsche 550. There was a black ceramic fruit bowl c. 1955 with stylised lines illustrations representing the silhouettes of the 550 Spyder (yellow), the 356 Coupe (red), asylized mountain (blue), the roofline of the Zuffenhausen Werks Factory (red), and the iconic Porsche logo (also in red). The reverse of the bowl features the Ulmer Keramik name and trefoil logo containing two dancing figures. The shape is slightly oblong with upturned edges, and measures 6 inches by 6.75 inches and you are likely to pay around US$360 in mint condition.

Around the same time, Porsche released an Ulmer Keramik cigarette box which listed a number of race tracks the Porsche 550 was victorious at in different colours on all the faces of the box. The tracks were both from Europe and the US including LeMans, Nurburgring, AVUS and Palm Springs. The size was approx 4 inches by 3.25 inches and sells at auction for around US$500 in mint condition.

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