Rear locks

There are many aspects of the original spyder that have not been replicated in spyders built today. Whether it is due to safety, electrical or compliance, you would expect that modifications made would also be improvements. The locking mechanisms on the rear clam shell on replica spyders are not as well designed as the originals. The male and female parts that lock together often pop apart whilst driving and if it wasn’t for the leather buckles and straps on top, many owners would lose their engine cover at any speed!

The original spyders were secured at eight points. Two rods mounted to the inside top lip of the rear fitted snuggly into brackets with rubber stoppers, two spring loaded clips fitted into cup fittings on the lower sides of the body and then ‘church’ style latches locked each side in place when fitting the key into the chrome opening in the top of the rear body. When the rear was closed, two leather straps with buckles was the final locking point to keep the engine bay cover secure.  This eight point locking reduced body flexing when cornering and stopped the rear from popping open at speed.

Eventually I would like to modify my spyder to be fitted with the original locking parts that were used. A true giveaway on all replica spyders is to see the VW style latches that connect the rear to the body. Additional modifications to the existing spyder frame and body would need to be made to make it all functional. At least here are some images to see how the original latches work.

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