Concept 550

Alex Earle loves machines with soul and whilst attending Art Center College of Design in 1998 on a Porsche scholarship, he saw the vision of a “giant killer” which reflected the simplicity of the grand prix racers of the 50s. The design was clean and bare minimal in weight and features, not even glass or doors, where he packaged in a liquid cooled modern 4 cylinder boxer engine with just 150 hp to push a 1300 pound vehicle.┬áThis was his concept of a modern day Porsche 550 spyder.

These conceptual renders demonstrate form and function of a futuristic Carrera Panamericana race scenario to showcase the idea, which earned him a job at Porsche. For Alex, design is integrity, purpose and legacy combined to create meaning. After graduation, Alex designed for Porsche in their Huntington Beach studio before joining the Volkswagen studio in 2001 and today he is a product engineer at Martin Innovations. His website is:

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