2012 Mille Miglia wrap up

June 2nd, 2012

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After every major classic car event I wait with anticipation for the release of the collection of photos by Peter Singhof. I have been following Peter for a number of years now and although these days everyone is armed with a little digital quick snap, iPhone or a digital SLR, it doesn’t mean they can capture the same dramatic shot. I relate it to cooking some times – two people can be given the same recipe, but you always seem to end up with two totally different meals. The difference is usually that one of them knows how to cook.

I finally met Peter at the Porsche Race Car Classic last September in California where he had the task of photographing each of the cars on display. I don’t really know how he did it in the time, as I only photographed the 550s and still struggled to get 50 shots of each, but it was probably that I was doing more socializing, drinking and eating, while Peter was there to do a job. Once again his shots were dynamic and works of art.

Although the Millie Miglia is out of the spotlight now for another year, I still can’t get enough photos of the 550s that entered the event. Over the three days, Peter stalked every participant and once again captured each car in a way that only Peter can do. He was there at the start ramp, there throughout each leg along the roads, but still managed to be back at the finish ramp when the cars were recorded with their final arrival time. Amongst all the different makes and models entered, Peter was able to capture at least 20 shots of the beloved 550. You can see the rest of the 2012 Mille Miglia images here or other events that Peter has photographed here.

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