Porsche 550 + 1 Spyder due 2017

May 13th, 2012

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Once again this week the rumor mills have started grinding again with the release of more news regarding the baby Porsche Boxster – the Porsche 551 Spyder. New images have also surfaced and like the others previously, it is unclear if they are more concept photos to get the juices flowing or something that will be a close resemblance to the release model.
Reports earlier this year suggested that a chassis would be shared across both VW and Audi, but that will no longer be the case as Porsche wanted total control of their platform and Audi wanted the same, where as Volkswagen was just happy to get either. The truth is that the Volkswagen BlueSport would be very small and expensive for the U.S. market; in addition to this, Audi is not particularly thrilled with the possibility of Porsche being connected with the development of their R4.

Porsche also had other reasons for putting the development of the baby roadster on hold. The company officials have stated that as the time to launch Porsche 551 Spyder is not appropriate and the market is not yet ready for a car like this. “Before moving to a new segment the brand wants to concentrate on launching the next generation of the Cayman and the Macan. The 551 should be produced in two formats, the Spyder Coupe and Cabrio, and will be developed based on a low cost version of the MSB-M platform (modular sports car matrix), the same as the Boxster and Cayman. The engine is a supercharged 1.6-liter boxer – four-cylinder – with a range of 180, 210 and 240 horsepower.

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