In the pits with 550-0035

May 24th, 2011

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Today many 550s are restored to pristine condition and paraded in concourses around the world. But we must remember these machines were designed to race and a young German driver – Peter Nöcker started his racing career in 1956 in Theo Helfrich’s Porsche 550 spyder. His debut was in the Prix de Paris followed by round four of the 1956 world championships, the 1000 km Nurburgring with co-driver Theo Helfrich which they did not finish like five of the other 550s entered. He finished the season at the Sveriges Grand Prix at the Kristianstad track in Sweden. The rare colour photo shows Helfrich’s white car – 550-0035 which he piloted with Nöcker, being filled before the race. They finished the race 11th overall but 3rd in class behind William Buff and Richard von Frankenberg taking the flag in a 550 followed by a Ferrari 500 Mondial.

The Spyder was a regular at the GP events of 1955-56, including the 1955 Mille Miglia piloted by Araldo Sassone, plus many events like the 1955 and 56 Nurburgring races, Avus and Hockenheim raced by Helfrich.

1956 Sverige Kristianstad GP 3rd Nöcker/ Seidel


  1. I am totally in love with the color scheme of the 550 on the photo! Keep up the good work with your site.

  2. Mike Tester

    What a shame it wasn’t restored to these original colors.

  3. small error, due to the wrong number being on this car (I made the same mistake) – this car was owned by William Buff (Buff was American which explains the white and blue color scheme) and raced here at Kristianstad together with Richard von Frankenberg – pictures taken during the race show that the 5 was partly overpainted into 3 making 43 the correct number for this entry – too bad the colors come out so strange, I own the original 6×6 slide which has much brighter and vivid colors –

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