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July 14th, 2015

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A large part of researching and developing the provenance of a 550 is the ability to recognise the most minute details that differentiate one spyder from another. It might be as simple as the configuration of knobs on the dashboard of the cockpit, to the more challenging such as how far the fuel cap protrudes from the front hood. Each detail is relevant considering no two 550s are identical, seeing they were all hand shaped and hand assembled. As Spyders go through the restoration process these days, some of these anomalies are corrected which makes it extremely difficult to link the 550 to vintage racing photos unless you have a linage of ownership.

When researching the provenance of 550-0039 for its owner, the only feature I could find to develop a race history was the addition of chrome rings around the air intakes in the nose. This was the only car with these fitted and when I found a historic race photo with the same rings, I was able to build a comprehensive history based on the driver and subsequent races.

IMG_0002 copy

55 nurburgring

Recently there has been the ongoing discussion between 550-05 and 550-07 and although they have very similar front end characteristics, they are two totally different builds. Here is an overview of both cars which is helping in the process to determine whether 550-05 returned from Brazil to Europe before it returned back to Brazil.

This is a detailed overview of 550-05

550-05D1 copy

550-05D2 copy

550-05D3 copy

550-05D4 copy

This is a detailed overview of 550-07 (unfortunately there are very limited images of the car that are confirmed)

550-07D1 copy

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