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June 7th, 2015

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Well as you can see, my ambitious project of posting every day failed miserably, but not through lack of motivation or content, but purely lack of time! There is just not enough spare time in a day to do everything and unfortunately something had to give. My focus over the last week or so has been on three spyders that have haunted me for years – 550-05, 550-07 and 550-0043. These cars are so complicated in their short history, that their provenance weaves together causing many issues from; if one was in Brazil, to if one ever actually raced at all, to the ‘frame only’ car with the question whether it was or wasn’t…

Fortunately I am not alone in the pursuit for truth and justice in this historic Porsche world, as there is a website that lets me vent my thoughts and theories of the provenance of these Porsches plus others keeping the Porsche passion alive from 356 builds and restorations to just postings of interesting vintage Porsche photos of yesteryear and today. This site is abcgt.com which is an amazing website created by Justin Rio promoting everything ‘classic Porsche’. He is committed to keeping the whole site on topic and growing with relevant information every day. I am sure you will find a project or a thread on the forum that will pique your interest. It is not associated with any club and doesn’t have a ‘buy, swap and trade’ on it, just great information contributed by a group of very knowledgeable and fanatical Porscheaphiliacs. You can follow the thread unravelling the history of the 550 Spyders here or see a great selection of spyders racing in the ’50s and ’60s here. We always invite new members to the site to contribute their vast knowledge of these great cars.

As an email was sent out to my 1,500 or so subscribers today informing them of this month’s posts, I have decided to make sure I post at least one post a week, which I think is achievable! I appreciate all your comments and support to keep this site as a comprehensive resource for everyone interested in 550 Spyders.

thanks Andrew

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