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July 3rd, 2012 : , ,

Every now and then I need to do some cross self promotion, and I know with all the purists out there like myself, there is always a little bit of room for a replica story on this site. For a while, I have known Paul Cave who is the editor of Aircooled Classics magazine and he has been wanting to do a feature on my McRae 550 spyder, but with the hassles of getting a new engine fitted and finishing a couple of other projects along the way, I seem to always miss the deadlines each time they loom.

Previously, Aircooled Classics was pretty much a free online PDF, which if it was a printed magazine, would be a bit like War and Peace to get through. After a couple of issues finessing that format, they have now gone pretty high-tech and created an eMag that can be downloaded from the Apple Store and kept on the shelves of your newsstand app on your iPad or iPhone. For the first issue, the team has done a stella job, in both content and layout, and I was fortunate enough to get my little toy on the front cover and as the feature car on another eight pages throughout, which I think is pretty cool.

When restoring a classic car of any description, I don’t believe you ever get to the point when you think it is finished and that has been my greatest hurdle in getting it in print – digital or otherwise. Even after a full restoration a number of years back, where I really didn’t know what I was doing, I have since looked at way too many photos of originals to see all the imperfections in the build I did. Just the smallest of details that I have previously overlooked each time I see original 550 photos, I am starting to now notice. This week it was the leather strip which is the seal where the rear clam shell connects to the body. After trawling through 100s of photos I finally came across one that showed the rivets holding it on – I am still unsure if they are copper or brass! I know my car will never roll a tire on the grassy fairways of Pebble Beach in its life, but it is more a self indulgence to keep the passion alive when it comes to this special little car.

I was really happy with the article written and the images that Leigh Garipidis captured of my car in an abandoned city car park which always gives the story a professional edge, but I must say that I am just about ready to go through a 2nd restoration, and hopefully I will get it right this time!


  1. vincent smith

    Always a great read and throughly enjoyable articles and information. I’m not a true 550 purist but the aspiration is there to sit behind the wheel one day! What I can say is I have been to the birth place of Porsche and visited the museum twice now and it creates excitement like a was a young boy again.

  2. Brian smith

    Congratulations,,your car looks fantastic..Got the castrol decal on mine , but i think i will have to add the Pegasus and number after seeing how good they look.. Keep up the great work..Regards Brian.

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